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About Us


Dina and Jonas Dina Clapinski Jonas Dalidd


Our Story


This Little Piggy Ate Salad


For years they thought the third little piggy ate salad. Mom figured her kids wouldn’t know what roast beef was and changed up the classic nursery rhyme game to something more in line with the family diet.


Jonas and Dina spent their childhood in Ojai, California, with parents who placed a strong emphasis on eating high quality and minimally processed whole foods. From the time these siblings learned to read, they were deciphering ingredient labels and abiding by Mom's, "if you can’t pronounce it, you don’t eat it" rule. As strict vegetarians, they ate no animal products other than dairy and eggs. Both Jonas and Dina have maintained a vegetarian diet throughout their lives and amazingly, have never even tasted meat! Ironically, both are now married to self-proclaimed meat-lovers.


When they moved away to college, Jonas to University of California, Irvine, and Dina to the University of California, Santa Barbara, both began eating a more mainstream, processed food diet. It proved a little more difficult to cook from scratch in a dorm room! However, the foundation of eating well remained strong and the pair have been moving back to more simple, healthy foods over the years. In 2008, Dina gave birth to her first baby. It became especially important to her that her daughter grow up with the same dietary knowledge as she had growing up.


Dina and Jonas decided to embark on a project together: create a website to educate and inform the public about food additives and ingredients. From all their research, nothing like this really existed other than sites like Wikipedia which were far too technical, biased, or just very difficult to understand. A month later, Be Food Smart was born. They built the company themselves without the help of outside funding, loans or major sponsors (it was important to the founders that the information in the Be Food Smart Ingredient Database not be swayed by any third party or food sponsors). The goal was to reach as many people as possible. For that to occur, Dina and Jonas determined that the site would be completely free and money would be made only through online advertisements and donations.



Our Message


Be Food Smart was born from a mutual passion for healthy eating. Unfortunately, we live in a time where this is becoming harder and harder to do. Our food is filled with chemicals, pesticides, toxins, and additives that are making us sick. Most corporations seem only interested in the bottom line and often this comes at the expense of the consumer. Support local when you can. Become an advocate for reducing the chemicals in our food. Contact your politicians, law makers, and food manufacturers. Exercise power through your wallet by only buying food from companies and farms you trust. We must educate ourselves and be diligent in our food choices. Help spread the word and be food smart!


We hope you find our website a valuable resource and appreciate feedback, comments, and ideas to improve our site. Click here to contact us. Thank you for visiting our site.



Jonas Dalidd & Dina Clapinski

Founders, www.BeFoodSmart.com

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