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What is Be Food Smart?

Do you wonder what's really in your food? Have you seen sulfites, EDTA, citric acid, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, sucralose, calcium phosphate, or rbST on an ingredient list? Are they safe? Be Food Smart has a huge database of food additives, chemicals, food colorings, sweeteners, and preservatives and is your trusted source for easy to understand and helpful information. Make an informed decision about what you eat and be food smart.

How it Works

Take a look at the nutrition label/ingredient list on a favorite food or beverage item. Do you know what each ingredient is? Enter the ingredient name in the search box above and the Be Food Smart ingredient database will display easy-to-understand and helpful information on hundreds of food additives, chemicals, food colorings, sweeteners and preservatives.

For each ingredient, your search result will display: alternate names, common uses, a simple overall description, additional interesting information, foods that often contain the ingredient, possible health effects, allergy information, and links to related articles/studies. Here's an example of what you will see:

Sample Ingredient Page

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