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Agave Nectar

Alternate Names

Agave Syrup, Agave, Raw Agave


This sweetener is produced from a few species of agave plants (one of which is the same plant used to produce tequila) and around three times a sweet as table sugar. It is a clear liquid with a very mild taste used mostly to sweeten beverages. It has become very popular as an alternative sweetener in recent years and it is thought that the crop may not be sustainable at this level of demand.

Agave Nectar - Quick Stats

Agave Syrup, Agave, Raw Agave

Allergy Information



Additional Information

Agave is mostly made up of fructose and has the same number of calories as sugar but still seems to have a low glycemic index. Fructose levels largely depends on how the agave is processed. Vegans can use agave in place of honey since it is not derived from an animal source.

Found In

beverages, table top sweetener, natural foods

Possible Health Effects

Some species of agave plants contain natural steroids which can possibly have negative health effects for pregnant women.

Allergy Information


In The News

3/30/11 - Los Angeles Times: Agave syrup's benefits are in debate: Is it too sweet?

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