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Alternate Names

Erythrite, Meso-erythritol, Tetrahydroxybutane


Erythritol is a sugar alcohol (polyol) that is produced through fermentation of glucose using a specific micro-organism. It naturally occurs at low levels in many fruits and at higher levels in fermented foods (soy sauce, cheese, wine, and beer). 60-70% as sweet at table sugar, it is usually blended with other sweeteners, but has almost no calories, does not affect blood sugar, does not cause tooth decay, and is only partially absorbed by the body.

Erythritol - Quick Stats

Erythrite, Meso-erythritol, Tetrahydroxybutane

Allergy Information


Sweetener, Flavoring, Humectant, Stabilizer, Texturizer, Sequestrant

Additional Information

It is interesting to note that the effect on of Erythritol on children less than 6-years-old has not been studied.

Found In

Low-calorie/diabetic foods, bakery fillings, cakes, cookies, chewing gum, dairy drinks, fat-based cream used in modified fat/calorie cookies, pastries, hard candies, frozen dairy desserts, puddings, reduced and low-calorie beverages, soft candies, sugar substitutes, yogurt, dairy-based drinks, clotted cream, mik powder, liquid whey/whey products, blended spreads, sherbet, sorbet, processed fruit, dried-canned-bottled mushrooms, tubers, aloe vera, breakfast cereals, pre-cooked pasta, rice pudding

Possible Health Effects

Bloating and diarrhea when ingesting high amounts (more than 10 grams daily).

Allergy Information


Researcher Comments

Something else to consider, while it is stated above that the possible health effects only happen after ingesting over 10 grams daily, there is the possibility if eating a highly processed American diet, to get at or near this amount daily (see list of foods Erythritol is found in above).

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August 24, 2012

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