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Monk Fruit

Alternate Names

Lo Han Guo, Lo Lan Guo, Lo Han Kuo, Sweet-Delicious, Luohanguo, Siraitia Grosvenorii, Lo Han Fruit


A round green fruit that turns brown when dried. Native to China, the fruit is dried and processed to create a natural sweetener often referred to as Lo Han Guo (lohan meaning "monk" and guo translated as "fruit"). The drying process causes bitter and astringent off-flavors which limits the use of the dried fruit and dried fruit extracts. In 1995, Proctor & Gamble patented a process to eliminate the undesired flavors and market it as useful sweetener (processing involves using solvents to remove volatile and off-flavor components). There is now a company growing the fruit in New Zealand to make monk fruit sweetener more readily available. The processed lo han guo is 150-300 times sweeter than sugar and is low or no-calorie.

Monk Fruit - Quick Stats

Lo Han Guo, Lo Lan Guo, Lo Han Kuo, Sweet-Delicious, Luohanguo, Siraitia Grosvenorii, Lo Han Fruit

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Additional Information

Monk fruit is native to southern China where it has been used as a longevity aid and in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.

Found In

beverages, fruit beverage, dairy products, cereals, nutrition bars, baked goods, cookies, sugar-free foods

Possible Health Effects

Negative health effects unknown. Also see Additional Information.

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In The News

August 16, 2010 - Food Navigator: Monk fruit sweetener is ‘emerging’, say analysts

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