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Is it Time to Change Your Sweetener?

The Flowchart Everyone Needs to See

Sweetener Flowchart

Risks of Non-Stick Cookware

Click below to read about the dangers of non-stick cookware

non-stick pan



TreeHugger - March 2012

Chipotle Refusing to Sign Agreement Protecting Farm Workers


Coalition of Immokalee Workers - March 2012

Food writers put spotlight back on "the fly in Chipotle's kitchen!


KUCI 88.9 FM- Get the Funk Out - October 2011

Get the Funk Out

Get the Funk Out Audio Clip (54 min)

OC Talk Radio - Momz Rock The House

OC Talk Radio - Momz Rock The House - August 2011

Momz Rock The House interview with Dina Clapinski - Full audio clip (48min)

Momz Rock the House Podcast

This radio show interview aired on:

OC Talk Radio

90.1 FM KBPK

Orange County Register

Orange County Register - July 2011

Site satisfies hunger for info about additives

Site satisfies hunger for info about additives (pdf)

This article has been re-published in numerous papers

and online including:

Arizona Daily Star

Gazette News

Bellingham Herald

Houston Chronical

Calgary Herald


805 Living

805 Living Magazine - July/August 2011

News From Our Neighbors

Food Coloring

Be Food Smart Press Release - March 2011

Majority of Easter Candy May Cause Hyperactivity in Children

Daily Sound

Daily Sound - Jan 2011

With Be Food Smart, Santa Barbara brother and sister team moves beyond labels to encourage healthier choices

Daily Sound - Archived Article (pdf)

SB Independent

Santa Barbara News-Press - Dec 2010

Santa Barbara News-Press Be Food Smart Article (pdf)

Santa Barbara News-Press Be Food Smart Article - Digital Version (pdf)

SB Independent

The Santa Barbara Independent - Nov 2010

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